Welcome to Return of the Romans

Welcome to LEG XXVII. Please find your assigned contubernium and then report to your centurion. If you have any problems with your fellow contubernales, look for praefectus castrorum who will shove a gladius up your culus if you interrupt him while he is talking to his Hibernian lupis on the Tachyon transmitter.
Welcome to the website assocaited with Return of the Romans - Fascism comes to America. Please study the maps and get to know some of the other travellers before, during, or after your odyssey through the cosmos. Emperor Agricola and the other 'originals' leave it up to you to decide what to do about the existential threats we all face here on Terra.

If you have read the novel, please follow up by posting your review at www.amazon.com.
Thank you, Gene Skellig,Author


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